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Known as the capital of Japan, Tokyo is the most populous metropolitan area in the world. It is the most visited city among all other cities in the country, followed by Osaka and Kyoto. If you are visiting Japan for the first time, it is almost always best to see Tokyo first.

Small Street in Japan

Your trip is worth it with all the things you can see, from majestic temples and shrines of traditional Japan to the busy, buzzing and bright lights of Shibuya. On an average, a stay of 3-7 days can be considered a good amount of time to explore the city and experience its many attractions, for both adults and kids alike. Here are some popular things to do in Tokyo:

Tokyo Skytree

The tallest tower in the world! It’s a major tourist attraction but it comes with a fee to see a 360 degree observation deck that showcases the impressive skyscrapers of the city. There’s a café inside to enjoy some snacks and soft serve ice cream too!

teamLab Planets

Offers highly instagrammable multi-sensory digital installations that is really fun to do for kids and adults. One will be in awe of the many snaps you can take in here.

Shibuya Crossing

the world’s busiest intersection. You may have probably seen this in so many films, from Fast and the Furious and Tokyo Drift among others. This place is popular for its incredible 'scamble' that happens every time the traffic lights turn red! A sea of people crossing from different directions, somehow looking orchestrated but seriously, it’s just how it is everyday. Massive video screens of multiple advertisements together with bright neon lights are all a treat or plain chaos to one’s view. The Shibuya Scramble Square tower above Shibuya station offers a birds’ eye view of the famous crossing, however, one can also enjoy it from the iconic Starbucks Shibuya Tsutsaya that is said to be one of the most popular branches of the brand due to its window overlooking the crossing.


While visiting Shibuya Crossing, just outside the train stop, make sure to find the statue of Hachikō, the loyal dog who awaited his dead master’s return from work for over 9 years at Shibuya. A story of true love, loyalty, and friendship that is worth sharing to anyone and everyone who visits Tokyo.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Fancy a Japanese garden stroll? A beautifully well-maintained garden that offers a stunning display of traditional native gardens with pockets of French and English landscapes. Must visit when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom – every April.


A must visit for food and fashion, plus several surprises here and there. Especially during late afternoon, after school, you will see a lot of women dressed in cosplay, you wouldn’t want to miss a photo opportunity!

Yoyogi Park

for a bustle of picnics and performers that is just a short skip from Harajuku. Unlike the others, Yoyogi is said to be the true people's park. It’s free and it's always lively and full of people just strolling the expansive walkways, or hanging out by the pond, and even just taking photos along the Japanese Zelkova trees, truly an excellent place to unwind after a busy week. Plus, a few steps away from the ever so youthful vibe of Harajuku.

Family having a picnic in Yoyogi Park
Robles family having a picnic in Yoyogi Park

Tsukiji Market

If you are looking to enjoy the freshest catch of the day, and as they say, the yummiest, most unforgettable sashimi / sushi you’ll ever taste in your entire life, this is the place to be. Some tourists wake up very early in the morning, around 3am, to line up and watch the bidding or live selling of the biggest and most expensive seafood to the different suppliers around the world.

Tokyo Disney

Perfect for kids, you can stay at The Disney Resort which has easy access to the two theme parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, together with a shopping mall and hotels.

  • Tokyo Disneyland This is patterned after Disneyland California with touch ups from Magic Kingdom in Florida. According to sources, as of 2019, Tokyo Disneyland is the most visited theme park in Japan and the third-most visited theme park in the world behind Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Park at the Disneyland Resort.

  • Tokyo DisneySea is a unique Disney park experience with themes around the different legends and tales of the sea. The Mediterranean Harbor is where the shows take place. The rides mostly involve water so be prepared.

Family enjoying in Tokyo Disney
Robles family at Tokyo Disney


Often refered to as the artificial district because it’s a man-made island, its ultramodern look captures locals and tourists alike. The Odaiba district is your go-to place for pleasure cruising, shopping and general seaside fun. Here, you’ll see Odaiba Statue of Liberty, The Rainbow Bridge, Gundam Statue, Trick Museum, Tokyo Joypolis and other things.

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