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Sawasdee kaaaaaaaa!!!

Another Asian destination that is known for food, shopping, more food, and more shopping. Home of phad thai, satay, mango sticky rice and tom yum, your palette will definitely be out for some fun! Weather here is just either hot, or too hot, so make sure to dress well or drench in sweat 5 minutes in.

There are so many things to do in Bangkok, here are some must dos:

1. Shop in Platinum Mall! This place is fashion heaven. One day is not enough to explore all seven floors with different local products - clothing, bags, jewelry, eyewear... men, women, kids! Truly, shop till you drop!

2. Have Dinner in a River Cruise! All first timers just need to do this! Touristy? Yes. You simply hop on a boat, eat in a buffet, enjoy the featured band singing their own versions of the most popular songs of the year, then head to the deck for the view of the different sights along the river and a traditional Thai dance performance.

3. Enjoy the outdoor Chatuchak Weekend Market! Traditional goods are found here, plus street food and drinks that you can stuff yourself with while getting that 10,000 steps in. Everything under the sun - pillowcases, cultural thai prints, dinnerware, lanterns, furniture, clothing, they're here if you will be patient to go around. This is home to almost 10,000 sellers.

To be safe, visit on a weekend so you're sure it's open!

4. Go to the market in a long tail boat! The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is a must experience for those visiting Bangkok. One can buy different souvenirs and try different fruits and snacks being sold from stalls along the river. Shopping has never been this interesting.

5. Ride a tuktuk! This is obviously the best and most entertaining way to see the the Thai Capitol. Whether you'll go around in a tuktuk for an entire tour or just give it a go on your way to the mall, this is a must-do to discover Bangkok! Just to manage expectations, a tuk tuk is an open-aired 3-wheeler, or a tricycle. It's even faster than car speed at times, so hold on tight!

Tuktuk in Bangkok Thailand

6. Narrow down the best temples to visit! It is no denying that Bangkok is filled with beautiful temples left and right. To make it easier for you and maximize your time best, here are the three must-see temples in our humble opinion—Wat Traimit (Temple of Golden Buddha), Wat Pho, and Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)! Dress well!

candles lit in a temple

7. Visit the Malls! Here are the three shopping malls that will overwhelm you: Central World, Central Embassy, Siam Paragon and Icon Siam! You can check these out and see which tickles your fancy when it comes to mall experience.

Shopping in bangkok thailand

8. If you're a fan of animals, you can go to an Elephant show or ride on their backs while they bathe in Kanchanaburi or Chang Puak Camp! Disclaimer: Thailand considers this activity as one of its main tourist attractions. Some continue to patronize to enjoy their company and help their caregivers sustain their food on an everyday basis.

9. Go Street Food hopping in Banthatthong! There are so many must visit restaurants in this area, both Michelin and run of the mill styles that will leave you burping and burping for more! Here's a quick food itinerary for you to try:

A. Pork Satay Nai Song

* Pork satay 15pcs 150 baht

- soooo good and in easy bite size

* Bread + Cucumber Salad + Peanut Sauce 50 baht

- Winner! Best match to pork satay obviously.

* Noodles 80batt

- spicy but so memorable! That glass noodle soup you wont forget. Every spoonfull will leave you teary eyed... tears of joy from all the flavors!

B. Mae Duan Thai Dessert

* Steamed Coconut Milk 50 baht

- surprisingly salty and had a sweet latik layer

* Sago in Coconut Milk with longan 50 baht

- lots of chewy tiny sago, seedless longan on a bed of iced coconut milk

C. Jeh O Chula (2.5 hrs wait!)

* Sweet Pork Sausage 60 Baht

* Fried Tofu 80 Baht

- The tofu is yellow and was as smooth as silk!

* Fried Chili with Deep Fried Duck 150 Baht

- Very tasty and tender!

* Tom Yum Noodle Soup with Fried Pork 150 Baht

- Overwhelming in portion, taste and price!

Experience Bangkok with us! Email us at or phone us via landlines (+632) 681 9299, (+632) 681 9912 or (+632) 681 6483 or via mobile phones (+63) 917 5087500 and (+63) 998 532 5944.


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