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Are you in for a shock? “Red city,” due to the color of the walls of the old Medina, the term Marrakech is known to translate to “land of the God” in Berber but “to pass by quickly” in Arab, this city is rich – in culture and tradition, a center for politics and economics, and home to the incredible Jemaa el-Fnaa, the busiest marketplace in all of Africa.

Marrakech, Morroco view

Busy, you say? Busy time 100 is what this place can offer you, especially if that’s what you are looking for. However, and ironically, where you can find the most gorgeous and soul-enriching riads, Marrakech is truly a charmer in its own league. Here are some popular things to see in Marrakech:

Jamaa el Fna Square

You’re in for the biggest shock in your life! This market is a surprise through and through. Visit it for authentic Moroccan finds like argan oil, spices and ceramics. Although be wary of everyone, and don’t trust easily. Make sure you go around accompanied and be alert. Apart from that, here’s the best place for culture immersion indeed.

Jardin Majorelle - Yves Saint Laurent Mansion

Exotic plants and truly a feast for the eyes in every corner. Often said to be a photographer’s heaven, though the place can get crowded easily. A botanical garden in the center of the city, and where you can find most, if not all types of cacti and has a stunning indigo blue art deco house as its main attraction.

Woman smiling on the balcony of a house in Morocco
Woman posing by a blue wall

Bahia Palace

Translates to “beautiful palace,” this palace counts among the cultural must-sees for a stay in Marrakech. This place holds 160 rooms that are open to the public, will give you a massive display of art, architecture, plant, and the most ornate furnishings. A feast for the eyes, and a true statement of grandeur.

Woman in pink posing with moroccan tiles

Moroccan architecture

Children sitting on steps made of stone

Tour guide holding a snake in Morocco

Beautiful patio with view in Morocco

Morocco view

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