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Lima, capital of Peru, is almost always the first stop to a trip to this country. Known to be the Culinary Capital for its world-class dining and degustation, plus authentic local gems that provide only the most unique flavor pairings, Lima is a must visit. No one will deny the beauty of historical landmarks of a diverse culture that this city holds too.

Here are some popular things to see in Lima:

Plaza de Armas and The Cathedral

This is the historical center and you’ll find this area quite easy to explore due to its shape of a basic square. This is usually the starting point for sightseeing. Today, both are considered UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Surrounding the square is the Archbishop's Palace; the Casa del Oidor; and the Palacio del Gobierno, official residence of the president. Make sure to find stores that offer free taste of piscsour, a drink that Peru is famous for.

Larco Museum

If you’re looking for a taste of Peruvian culture through ceramics, collection of gold work, stone carvings, and metalwork, this is the place to see.

Santo Domingo

If you’re up for appreciation of religion, the Santo Doming Church and monastery is one of the oldest and most historic in Lima. You can enjoy the carefully preserved mosaic tiles enveloping the church, and a peaceful garden right in the middle of the place. Relics of Saint Rose of Lima; San Juan Masias; and Saint Martin de Porres, the first black saint in the Americas, can also be found here.


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