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If we are talking about cities with one of the best canal systems, with interesting and beautiful facades and world-class art, Amsterdam is likely to be in that conversation. Often called “The Venice” of the North, Amsterdam is home to Holland tulips, Anne Frank and Vincent van Gogh, and more popularly known for its lax approach to marijuana and Red Light District. It’s a city that speaks English even if the official language is Dutch so it’s fairly friendly and easy to go around. Here are some popular things to see in Amsterdam:

Stroll the Canal

Ofcourse! What else is free and gives the ultimate experience of Amsterdam!? Get lost and find the best surprises: a haven of boutique shops, cafes, art galleries, and restaurants. You can also opt to go on a garden hop, especially when the weather is beautiful and the flowers are in full bloom.

Visit Anne Frank’s House

The most visited museum here. It showcases how Anne Frank, together with her family, lived in this small annex to hide from the Nazis during WWII. This tiny space was 42sqms, filled with hidden rooms.

Explore the city by bike or by boat

There are so many tours offered that provide exceptional experience and knowledge of this city through bike or boat. Plus, this will give the ultimate feel of what it’s like to live so close to the famous canals.

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